NWoC (NJACK Winter of Code) is a program by NJACK (The Official Computer Science Club of IIT Patna) that helps students understand the paradigm of Open Source contribution and gives them real world software development experience.

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NJACK Winter of Code is an initiative by NJACK, IIT Patna, targeted at students who have never participated in Free or Open Source Software (FOSS) development before, as well as at those who have already become an expert in Open Source Development and are currently contributing to projects of any domain, say Web, Mobile, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT etc. It also aims to prepare them for bigger programs and opportunities like Google Summer of Code, Outreachy etc.

How it works?

Participants can apply for the program either as a student or as a mentor. Mentors are selected through a selection process. The selected mentors propose projects, the best of which are chosen to be included in the program. Students work on these projects in their winter vacations. The mentors review the pull requests and the overall work on their project by various contributors throughout the coding period of the program. At the end of the coding period, the students are compared on the basis of most contributions.

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Program Announced
22nd October, 2020
NJACK Winter of Code is released online and students and mentors are informed about the program.
Registration Starts
23rd October, 2020
Interested mentors sign up on the website and optionally register their projects. Interested students begin applying to the program.
Mentor Registration Ends
22nd November, 2020
Mentors must register themselves by 22nd November, 2020.
Projects Announced
26th November, 2020
Organizing team selects projects and announces them.
Coding Period Starts
1st December, 2020
Registered students start contributing to selected projects.
Coding Period Ends
6th January, 2021
Students conclude with their contributions for the program. Mentors file feedback.
Results Announced
10-15th January, 2021
Results announced.

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NWoC 2019 Statistics


Projects done




Pull Requests




NWoC 2019 had over 40 projects to work upon. We had projects ranging from Web, App Development to Blockchain and Machine Learning. For the complete list of projects in NWoC 2019, please visit the Projects page.

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